Rapu Kielikonsultit Oy

Rajakyläntie 26 C

Tel. +358 9 340 1007
Fax +358 9 340 1008
E-mail raputeam@kolumbus.fi

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Language training

We offer language training in the following languages:

German, English, Swedish, and Finnish as a foreign language.

Forms of training

  • Teaching in small groups
  • Private tuition
  • Intensive courses
  • Specialised courses, e.g.
    • Presenting your company and conducting negotiations in the target language
    • Trade fairs
    • Courses tailored to our clients’ specific needs

Experienced native-speaker teaching staff, effective teaching methods and modern teaching materials ensure optimum results.

We offer intensive and specialised courses, and general language courses of two or more lessons weekly. The nature and scope of these courses are tailored to our clients’ aims and wishes. In addition to developing language skills, we also focus on imparting an understanding of cultural differences. Please contact us for further advice.