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Interpreting services

For conferences, training or negotiations, a professional interpreter ensures successful communication and avoids misunderstandings which may have serious repercussions.

We offer interpreting services for all combinations of the following languages:

Finnish – German – English – Swedish

Our team of experienced interpreters is available for deployment throughout Europe.

Comprehensive and thorough preparation is vital to ensuring the best results. The client can provide the interpreter with crucial help in preparing for an assignment by providing speeches, papers, literature, reference materials and Internet links on the subject matter in good time.

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Typical forms of interpreting are:

  • Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves summarising what has been said and then presenting the essence in the target language. To this end, the interpreter may make notes during a speech, for example. The overall content of the original text is condensed and duly put across to the target audience.

  • Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting requires the use of conference equipment. The interpreter sits in a soundproofed cubicle, listens to the speaker via headphones and translates virtually simultaneously. The participants at the conference hear the interpreter through headphones.

  • Whispering

Whispering is a form of simultaneous interpreting without technical equipment. The interpreter sits between or behind no more than two listeners and whispers the translation to them.

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