Rapu Kielikonsultit Oy

Rajakyläntie 26 C

Tel. +358 9 340 1007
Fax +358 9 340 1008
E-mail raputeam@kolumbus.fi

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Who are we?

RAPU Kielikonsultit Oy was established in 1993. Our clients include companies, public authorities, research institutes and various government and municipal organisations in Finland, Germany, France, Sweden and other EU countries. Managing Director Rainer Puschmann has 25 years of experience as a language trainer, translator and interpreter. Our extensive partner network also enables realisation of large-scale and highly sophisticated projects.

Our values:

  • Commitment and focus
  • Responsibility and integrity
  • Superior quality and optimised services
  • Teamwork and mutual respect
  • Ongoing development

Our values are reflected in our business dealings and inform our daily work.