Rapu Kielikonsultit Oy

Rajakyläntie 26 C

Tel. +358 9 340 1007
Fax +358 9 340 1008
E-mail raputeam@kolumbus.fi

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Our aim is to offer our clients optimum results and premium quality at all times.

Our clients’ interests enjoy top priority

Our clients' needs take precedence over our own interests.

Good is not good enough

We seek to deliver the very best at all times. To this end, we continually improve our expertise to meet our clients’ needs. We guarantee optimum communications and absolute transparency. Openness provides the basis for mutual trust.

For translations, the quality standard as stipulated in DIN EN 15038 is met for translation orders and further enhanced by internal company standards. Key factors are:

  • Examination of the text to be translated with regard to any questions or problems which may need to be clarified prior to beginning the translation work.
  • Careful selection of the appropriate translator according to the following criteria:
    • Competence in the target language as a native speaker
    • Specialisation in the subject area concerned
    • Communicative skills (e.g. for advertising texts)
    • Available capacity for punctual delivery of the translation
    • Stringent admission procedure for new recruits to the translation team
  • Quality control by at least one other translator
  • Final inspection before delivery
  • Confidentiality
    • All texts entrusted to our company are treated in the strictest confidence. All staff and translators are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Should a particularly high level of confidentiality be required, we will be pleased to sign a separate confidentiality agreement.